::Greenview project :: Making plans for the Sustainability Week at DMU

Yesterdaythe Greenview project team had a meeting for talking about its involvement in the Sustainability Week that will be held at DeMontfort University form the 19th and the 25th of September.

It is the first time we have a Sustainability week in DMU and we are all so excited!

The Vice Chancellor has recently been visiting the Far East and in particular Japan to establish links between DMU and these countries. Part of these visits has been to the parts of Japan which have been affected by the earthquake in May and the subsequent Tsunami. Many students and staff at the University of Tohoku have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami with a number of student being killed and many more being left homeless. To support the University of Tohoku, the VC will be bringing a number of students to DMU for a short break to give them a holiday from the problems that are facing in Japan. The break will include a number of visits to popular tourist attraction around the UK. 

As a result of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami the Japanese government has had to close a number of its nuclear reactors and as such is currently facing electricity shortages at a time when the demand for electricity is high. As a result of these shortages the Japanese Government is asking individuals to reduce their electricity consumption by 15% and companies to reduce their electricity consumption by 25%.

In the spirit of solidarity with the Japanese people the VC is planning a sustainability week during the student’s visit during which time DMU will reduce its electricity usage by between 10% and 25%.

This is the spirit with which we are planning our interactive interface and displays for September, with the hope of contributing in helping the environment, but in having some fun on doing it!

Cutting our emissions should be fun!



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