:: 41st WEEK :: PhD progress

It is the beginning of my 41st week of PhD.

I am sure it would have been better to start this diary from the 1st week of course, but things are always in a rush and, moreover, I was not aware of the course of my work.

However here I am, starting another week of heavy work. This week in the diary:

  1. Completing (well, trying to reach a good point…) my literature review and sending it by the end of the week to my supervisors.
  2. In particular I will be working in completing the section of Public Engagement and adding the Social Network theory.
  3. Completing the survey for the GreenView project.
  4. Starting my new part-time job in helping my supervisors, Dr. Richard Bull, with his research projects.

Stay tune for update!

I leave you with a diagram on The social media effect. The Social Media Effect has been seen on InfographicWorld.  It maps the process of social media when people get excited about some content. Things to think about!

See you soon. Ciao!



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