:: Concluding the 41st week ::

This has been a quite productive week. The to-do-list for the week was really tight and of course I didn`t get everything done. But. But. But, I have achieved good progresses on the literature revies, adding a little section about social network theory, that I will need to develop deeper, the questionnaire need few minor corrections and I have been attending some meeting to plan the upcoming sustainability week.

And what is good I felt I was full of energy and of will to get work done, as the whole month to be honest… So happy! It isn`t always like that…!

Anyway, speaking about the Sustainability Week we had a meeting today to plan the major activities. Richard, Karl Letten and I were present at the meeting. A cup (well actually three..!) of hot coffee to sharpen our brain, a good notebook and coloured pencils. That`s all I need for a meeting!

We talked a lot and many ideas come out from the meeting; the big issue as usual is to see which one of them can be feasible. I feel I have quite big responsibilities in that project. we will in fact need to define a list of actions people can take to help us reaching the 25 percentage of energy reduction, it will be necessary to set up one or more web pages where people can find useful information and can connect one with each other. The use of social media will see a real increase during that week! Therefore if you don`t already have a twitter account I suggest you to open one! It will be very helpful in finding out what is going on and where is going on. Twitter will probably the favoured way of communication on campus.

There will moreover also be some physical stuff: projections, boards, installations, lights, posters and whatever we will reach to create for that week. A lot of effort will be needed and many people will be involved. Anyway, if you wish to take part in the project please contact me through twitter or leave a comment in the blog. I`ll contact you as soon as possible!

See you next week!


Anything exciting this weekend? Fancing a trip to London? And a nice pic-nic in the park? I really wish to go to London but this is gonna be a busybusy weekend, with lot of work to do and a lot of package to do too, travelling to Cambridge next week and the back to Italy for holiday!!!

ciao ciao ciao



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