:: 42nd WEEK :: PhD progress

Good morning. Good morning!

Another week is beginning and I am feeling a little confused…. weekends are meant to relax aren’t they? So why am I always more tired on Monday mornings than on Friday? I probably do too many things in the weekend as I should… I probably need to rest next weekend. Or I just need more coffee. Or probably the SUN!!!!! Where is it hiding?!?! I definitely need some warm! The sun and the warm temperature can always clean all my stresses away…

Anyway the new week seems to be pretty busy, maybe more busy than the week end. Tomorrow me and the other four LL students will head Cambridge to attend the GreenBRIDGE Summer School. We are all really excited to go there and hoping to learn new interesting thing, get inspired, make good network connections, and well… have good time and some fun too. I’ve never been too Cambridge either, so I hope I’ll have some time to visit the city too, even if the schedule of the summer school is quite tidy!

Anyway…. Something tells me…. I will feel VERY good in that place…!

Before going there anyway, tomorrow is the day of my monthly PhD meeting with my supervisors. I’m always a little anxious before that; all the good talking I need to do, showing I’m confident and smart (as I do not feel I am sometimes…!); well it is a little performance anytime!

I will survive!

Catch up for updates from the summer school!

See you soon. Ciao!



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