:: 43rd WEEK :: PhD progress

Here we are with a new week beginning.

I have been quite invisible last week, and I apologise …., but all the LivingLab student team was in Cambridge for the summer school therefore I have been busy. And I do not have a free connection to the internet and I couldn’t write you all the updates! But I am preparing a post that tell you all about that!

Talking about my PhD, the meeting with my supervisor, actually only Richard was available, has been VERY good. I am on the way for the literature review and I’m feeling much more confident for a good result. Big progress needs to be done, but I finally found the right way! So happy!

On my agenda this week:

1. Blogging about the summer school.

2. Preparing the abstract for Retrofit2012, an accademic conference on January 2012.

3. Continuing my literature review about social network theory and web 2.0.

Quite a tight agenda, moreover if you consider that I am home and outside the sun is shining…. And it is so warm!!

Back soon! Ciao!



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