:: 48th week :: PhD progress

It is incredible how time can go fast. This week had just rushed away and I am feeling a little uncomfortable, not having ticked off everything from my `to-do list`. But my experience says that it is always the same story, isn`t it?

Anyway, a lot of readings have been on this week. Particularly about social network sites. I am in fact working on the literature review chapter (that will hopefully fit in my Transfer Report) and I am trying to build up the part about the use of social media to motivate engagement in pro-environmental behaviours. But it is not possible to do so without having a look of what social network sites are, how information flow through this media, what kind of interaction people have online and how it is different from the offline one.

The weekend is here and I hope some sun will be approaching through the clouds to make it more comfortable. Are you doing anything interesting on Saturday or Sunday? I`ll probably be working… but I`ll also be doing a little bit of ciclying for sure! I am actually dreaming about the sun, the beach, a nice book and a lot of sunbathing….  Italy… Portugal… Spain… Greece? It wouldn`t really matter, until it is sunny and over 28 degrees! Anyway it is not so eco-friendly to fly south just on a whim! For the one of you that are south…. enjoy the summer!

[cala vedela, ibiza]

[the blue caves, zakynthos island, greece]

[algarve, portugal]

That would be a dream, wouldn`t it? Have a nice weekend! Ciao!

Here you can find some recommended readings about social media:

Boyd, D. M. and N. B. Ellison (2007). “Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship.” Journal of computer-mediated communication 13(1): 210.

Ellison, N. B., C. Steinfield, et al. (2007). “The Benefits of Facebook “Friends:” Social Capital and College Students’ Use of Online Social Network Sites.” Journal of computer-mediated communication 12(4): 1143-1168.

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Wellman, B., A. Q. Haase, et al. (2001). “Does the Internet Increase, Decrease, or Supplement Social Capital? Social Network, Participation and Community Commitment.” The American Behavioral Scientist 45(3): 436-455.

Willard, T. (2009). Social Networking and Governance for Sustainable Development. Winnipeg, Canada, International Institute for Sustainable Development.



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