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Trying to find the perfect way to engage people in a more sustainable lifestyle, especially at work, but in all the different aspects of their life, is my own duty as a research and my own lifetime mission (at least speaking about the present). A delicate combination of information, prompts, advices, incentives and community feelings make the perfect receipt for deciding to change behaviour towards a more sustainable direction.

I have recently joined Double Impact, a Facebook connected platform, that help people in this direction, giving the rewards of participating in very good actions. It is in fact possible to earn money for a charity by performing simple `green` actions. Double Impact in fact aims to give people double the impact of their sustainable actions, such as cycling instead of driving to work, using reusable bags, etc. When participants perform these actions they earn credits, which are then turned into donations to the charity they have chosen.

Here there is a video explaining the mission of Double Impact.


Double Impact is a creation of San Francisco based Formative Labs Inc.

In the words of its founders: “The goal behind Double Impact is to make everyday actions worth your while today by tapping into your passion for a certain cause. We literally double the impact of your actions–they not only count towards your cause, but also towards saving the environment – all without having to open up your wallet. At the same time we’re allowing brands to finally get social credit for the charitable giving they do by connecting them with consumers’ and their friends.”

TreeHugger is an active sponsor of Double Impact, adding supporting material to some of its challenges, for example providing more information about sustainable action and publicising the site.

 How Double Impact work:

People can log in through Facebook. Once they are logged in they will select a charity they want to support (you can choose between Healthy Child Healthy World, World Wildlife Fund, Pesticide Action Network, or Bright Pink).

After that people can earn `Impact Points` by completing simple action, that can be made both online or offline.

Through integrations with Facebook and soon other social media platforms, Double Impact leverages the power of the social graph in order to encourage interactivity. The site ranks your impact versus friends and lets users promote completed challenges and how much they’ve earned for their charity through social media channels.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t lose one second and join DoubleImpact!

Source: TreeHugger


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