:: SustainabilityWeek@DMU :: 19th-23rd of September :: 2 weeks to go ::

A little update about the GoGreen week happening @DMU from the 19th to the 23rd of September.

The activities for the various day have been decided and I have to say they are all very intriguing and funny. Therefore I`ll be probably joining the Japanese students during those days. Moreover, also the GoGreen actions have been planned for particular days; for example Monday 19th will be the `Kick the kettle day` (in other words try not to use the kettle for the whole day). This will help us addressing the challenging goal of cutting our energy consumption by 25%.

Here you can have a look at the full list of activities. GREEN WEEK ITINERARY

Most important, we have to remember that the GoGreen wee is not only a chance to show our solidarity spirit with the Japanese students in regards of the terrible earthquake and the following nuclear disaster, but also our solidarity in the challenge of cutting our energy consumption by 25% during that week (and hopefully maintaining this new good habit in the following time…).

Therefore it is very important that all of us put their best efforts in reducing their energy use @DMU.

Here you can find some useful tips that you may want to add to your daily routine:

  1. Wear appropriate clothes for the season.
  2. Reduce the use of personal heaters, because they are very inefficient.
  3. Report any factors which affect comfort levels, such as draughty windows and doors. A simple repair could save energy and improve user comfort.
  4. Switch off lights in empty rooms.
  5. Use daylight where possible. It is free and more pleasant than artificial light.
  6. Check that lights are off when leaving the office.
  7. Turning off equipment (monitors, computers, printers, etc.) at night
  8. Switch computer to standby, hibernation or off when leaving for short breaks.
  9. Switch monitors off when leaving for short breaks.
  10. Unplug unused equipment, because they keep on using energy even if not in use.
  11. Only fill the kettle the amount of water you need. The kettle will boil faster and you’ll be saving energy.
  12. Don’t  leave a tap dripping.
  13. Use recycled paper for office stationery, printers and photocopiers.
  14. Read emails on screen rather than printing them.
  15. Print documents double sided.
  16. Recycle everything recyclable. DMU have a good scheme for waste management.
  17. Bring in a kettle and some mugs to replace disposable cups from drinks vending machines.
  18. Reduce car use for commuting. For example setting up a car pool scheme.
  19. Organise meetings at venues that allow all participants to arrive by sustainable transport.

Check out also DMU’s top ten green tips.

Of course I am not expecting you to remember all that action. Therefore I`ll be remembering all of you of this actions through daily twitter update. Therefore if you`re not on Twitter yet this could be a good opportunity for joining it and if you`re not following me yet than add me to your contact, I`ll be more than happy of returning the favour! And you`ll be updated on all the week achievement and activities!

And of course if you are part of DMU`s staff or students, please join us for this event. You`ll learn a lot about being more sustainable, and there will be some fun too!

Talk to you soon! Ciao!



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