It`s nice to talk to you again! …and some progress…


It has been `ages` since my last post. But you know how things go…. You are busy, you think about so many things all at once, and you get distracted about your personal interests…. So happened to me with the blog.

Every morning while cycling to the uni I was thinking “This is the day I will finally updating the blog! I have so many things to share!”. But at the end it was always 5 o`clock and my body was starting telling me it was time to go home (or rather to go to the gym and get some activity done…!).

Anyway lots of things are going on…! I currently am deeply into my second year of research and getting my experimental work and evaluation process done (or at least trying and struggling to do it on time). I am also working with the Sustainability Office of De Montfort University to elaborate a social media campaign that will make everyone happy (me too hopefully and not only them) and that will make me get some data for my PhD. And last but not least I got an abstract accepted to the IEPEC conference in Rome next June (wohoo!!!!!). I am currently on the process of writing the first draft of the paper and I am finger crossing that the paper will be accepted too!

So I promise I will be coming back soon with more information about my progress and some fun stuff too!

See you!


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