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Are you the type that say ‘finally there is the weekend because…. 1. I can do a lot of things I can’t do during the week because I’m busy working, working, working; or 2. I can finally relax, do nothing, and stay in bed watching movies and eating cakes ….?

For me it always work in one or the other directions without the possibility of predicting. There are weeks in which I have been very busy and everyday frustrated because I couldn’t do anything I am inspired to do [for example a little of baking, or some watercolors drawings…] and then when it comes the weekend and I can finally do those things I end up staying in bed all Saturday on Sunday and forgetting about doing anything…! Other times instead I am so tired that I just want to go to bed at 8.00 pm on Friday night and wake up on Sunday morning [for brunch of course!]; but then I become a little bee and get everything done, from laundry to cooking inspiration….!

We surely are very complicated….! Today I am in the first mood, I am planning of doing lots of things, but I can already see my inspiration running away…therefore it’s gonna be difficult!

The week too has been very busy and thankfully productive. I have submitted the first draft of the paper for the IEPEC conference I am planning to go in June in Rome [!!! …. Can’t wait eating tons of tonnarelli cacio e pepe and spaghetti alla carbonara …. And tons of other stuff!!! Hope I have the time…!] and I had to review the paper of the other speakers in my session. Then I had some meeting with the Sustainability Manager at De Montfort University to plan a little guerrilla street art will be making in the next weeks that I really am excited about! I’ll tell you more as soon as I have update…! What else?! A lot of reading about methodology and some literature review [still…. it’s like the NeverEnding Story….] and some writing up. And then there was the questionnaire that seems to be ready [finger crossed] and ready to be sent out next week…!

Have a nice weekend!


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  • Adele I just discovered her [I know it’s late…] and couldn’t get enough!


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