made me smile | eating fruit and vegetable can make you more beautiful

Eating fruit and vegetable can make me more beautiful?! Are you serious?! Pass me that carrot! Now!!!

That was my reaction after reading the Telegraph article some days ago.

As a consequence this is the lunch I brought to the office today …

chickpeas, tomato, arugula, and feta salad

The idea is that having a diet rich [more than 5-a-day] in fruit and vegetable [expecially the red-orange-yellow ones] can give a healthy golden glow and make you appear more attractive in the time of some weeks, researchers at the University of St Andrews said. [Is this Kate Middleton secret?!?] Unfortunately, the diet would not change the size of your nose or the shape of your eyes [but those are the reasons that make us unique, don`t they?!] but the carotenoid contained in fruit and vegetable can make you `glow` from the inside, a little like has you have been sun-bathing.
And we all know how much more beautiful we look and feel after a week at the beach!

Therefore, I`d say “More fruit and vegetables for everyone!” And I`ll try to have a very rich in fruit and vegetable diet for the 6 weeks they recommend and I`ll let you know if there are real, visible differences.

And don`t forget that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and poor of animal derived ingredients also help the environment! [check this guardian article if you wish to know more]

{ via the telegraph but you can found the full paper on the American Journal of Public Health }

Btw, if you haven`t done yet, please complete the online survey about energy behaviours at DMU! [just click on the image!!]



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