made me think | waiting for climate change by isaac cordal

waiting for climate change by isaac cordal at beaufort04

this made me think yesterday.

waiting for climate change is an installation of isaac cordal on the coast of belgium for the fourth edition of the Triennial of Contemporary Art by the Sea in 2012. it is composed by a set of miniature sculptures and it is a commentary upon stereotypes of individuals from various background confronting the issue of climate change.

the installation reflects the passivity and the lack of interest that many people feel towards the hopeless state of earth’s health. the sculptures are waiting for the consequences of global warming, that is to be drag away by the sea, but they are not doing anything to change their situation.

this art installation made me think about the attitudes people have towards climate change, their feeling of being helpless to change anything because of the immensity of the challenge, and the consequent decision not to do anything to change the state of our environment.

and this is too the big challenge of my phd, finding the key that would make people decide to act, instead of stepping back, and to do something [anything] to save our planet earth. and the actions one can decide to put into practice are infinite…

and maybe art can be the key; because it is the role of art, to stimulate thinking and debate, working on an emotional response, isn’t it?

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