made me smile | forty-two flowers we can eat


this article made me smile this morning.

can you believe it?! i know that some flowers are edible and that you can make a lot of different recipe with them; especially you can deep fry them!!! for those of you who can read italian please try these recipes [elder flower tempura or wattle flower tempura] by la cucina di calycanthus.

and then there are a lot of other sweet recipes with violet or the zucchini blossom with mozzarella and anchovies… an italian classic!

anyway, there are 42 types of flowers that are edible. it is amazing! and i really would like to try them! difficult though… check the treehugger website for the complete list!

btw, i think it is green to eat flowers too… not wasting anything that nature gives us! although i can see some cons too… mmm…. difficult!

{via treehugger }



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