i made it | tiny terrarium in eggshells


i’ve immediately fell in love with this little project. so i decided to make it for easter for my mum. she loves plants and flower and she’s always ‘playing’ in the garden. so i am sure she’s happy any time i give her plants as a gift.
what do you need?


then you carefully break your eggs puring away the edible part [please use it!] and leaving the shells with a pretty cut.
you fill the eggshells with a little of soil and then put your tiny tiny plants in the shells.


when you’ve done it pour a drop [i used a teaspoon] of water into each eggshell.


Put the eggs in their basket, or anywhere else and decorate with flowers or whatever you prefer. i’m sure your mum will love it too!


{ via roy joy }

have a good saturday and my best wishes for tomorrow.

leaving for the seaside! see you on tuesday! ciao!

if you want more last minute inspirations for your little easter gifts go to see my board for easter!


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  1. SoundEagle ha detto:

    One wonders whether this eggshell-constituted miniature garden could be classified as a terrarium at all. The result is very creative nonetheless.

    Mi piace


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