i made it | macarons



i made the macarons for the first time last christmas to give them as a gift to family and friends. and they came out pretty easily at the first try. this time i wanted to decorate my sister’s birthday cake with macarons, and i have been designing the decoration since months ago. anyway i was so unlucky yesterday with my meringue and my oven that i decided to keep the cake a lot more simpler and to use the macarons by themselves. they really make me go crazy. I had to make them twice before they came out ‘ok’, totally not perfect this time, from the oven. and i’ve got meringue all over my hair. anyway i’ll show them off to the party today with the little cake stand i created this morning. thank sis you got me out of bed at 7.30 on a sunday morning too!
hope you have a nice sunday!
ciao ciao!




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  1. torijohnson5 ha detto:

    These are beautiful and I’m sure delicious as well!

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      thank you tori! they really were delicious but they finished in a blink…!

      Mi piace


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