speaking of… flowers we can eat

it is probably the trend of this new spring to prepare recipe with flowers. this morning checking one of my favourite foodblog [cavoletto di bruzelles] i found that she posted the recipe of a risotto. here you can find the recipe.

here there is the translation for those of you that can’t speak italian.

Risotto with broad beans, goat primosale, white beer and flowers: For 2 people.
clean 1 kg of broad beans, boli them for few minutes, then peel them and keep the beans apart. brown a spring onion with a tablespoon of butter, then add 2 cups of rice and toast it. add 2dl of white beer and let the alcohol evaporate, then cook the rice. one minute before the rice is cooked, add 100 gr of primosale cut in small cubes. when it is cooked, take out of the stove and cream the risotto with a tablespoon of butter and two of parmigiano. arrange the risotto in your favourite dishes and sprinkle the flowers and the broad beans on the rice. serve straight away. 

speaking about the picture… isn’t it amazing how flowers make this dish so romantic and inviting.


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  1. mountainmae ha detto:

    It looks wonderful and probably tastes the same. I have just started picking plants for this year- now I will add some edibles. Thanks for the idea.

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      you are welcome. i think that flowers can put some colours in our meals and make them a lot more fun!

      Mi piace


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