made me smile | bye bye laundry

research in a shanghai university are investigating on the possibility of creating a fabric that is capable of cleaning and deodorise just through being hung out in the sun. no washing-machine, no soap, conditioner, or disinfectant.

the idea is to cover the fabric with a coating of titanium-dioxide and utilizing the photo-catalytic properties of ultraviolet sun ray for cleaning the fabric. the chinese scientists have been testing it on a tablecloth, that exposed outside under the sun ‘magically’ become clean!

it is not a completely new idea, because there already are construction materials [like tiles and window glasses] that utilise the photo-catalytic properties.

i am not sure i’d be completely happy of eating on a tablecloth not ‘traditionally’ washed, but just cleaned by the sun … anyway imagining a future without laundry detergent is absolutely amazing!

{ via tuttogreen }



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