made me think | your daily dose of water infographic

this made me think this morning.

do you know that the average american uses 2000 gallons [that is 7500 litres] of water a day? and i do not think there is a big difference for the average european…

these two sentences impressed me most:

1. water can`t be created. all the water on earth is recycled, so the same water that existed on earth billions of years ago is what we have today. quite a banal argument, but i haven`t thought about it previously.

2. many people in the world exist on 3 gallons [11 litres] of water per day or less. americans use that amount in one flush of the toilet. how can we be so egoistic?

i remember that when i was younger i used not to close the tap while i was brushing my teeth, therefore wasting a lot of water because i was completely unaware of the damage i was causing. then i saw a leaflet in which an african child was saying: “don`t worry european child, i will not drink today, so you can brush your teeth with the tap running“. it strongly impressed me and ever since i always close the tap. i know it is a small things, but isn`t it the beginning of bigger actions?!

it is a really cool infographic. it gives the numbers with a strong graphic interface, so that information stick in your mind. check it out and go the the levi`s website too to see their water campaign challenge! it is possible to subscribe and to perform action that make you earn water credit. for each water credit you earn levi`s will give one person clean water for life! check out my profile too [i`ve just started!]

{ via GOOD }

ps. would you be interested in knowing what you can do everyday to save water?



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