the #10daysOFbeauty challenge | finding beauty in everyday life | day #1


a couple of days ago i was with some friends in a cafe`  [no names, but you know i am talking of you girls…!] meeting with them after the easter holidays. and all we could do was complaining and moaning about the fact of being back in leicester after some wonderful days home. and how quickly leicester was making us feeling miserable even if we just had some great time.

and we all had perfectly good reasons for complaining: one friend almost fight with a sky installer in her first 12 hours back in the uk, the second almost burst into tears in her 24 hours here; and i, well, i did burst in anger tears in my… i`m a little ashamed of that… well, in my first 30 minutes back in the uk, because of a stupid railway station officer… you can probably say we are too melodramatic, as all mediterranian women are [even though one of us is not really really mediterranian]; or that we are too sensible. or meteorapathic, if you know what i mean…!

anyway i thought that it is not possible to feel always miserable and sad just because i don`t like the place i live and i want to be somewhere else! i want to find something fun and beautiful in my everyday life, otherwise i`ll go crazy! so that is the  reason i decided to start the #10daysOFbeauty challenge. finding at least one thing beautiful here where i am and sharing with you and on instagram. 10 days. 10 pictures of beautiful things or moments in the uk.

so here it is my first shot of the serie #10daysOFbeauty

the blue sky. after ten or more days of rain there is nothing more beautiful
day#1 | #10dayOFbeauty challenge

i hope you`ll enjoy it!

a presto! ciao!



2 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. mala ha detto:

    We should make pasta again! That will definitely cheer you up! 🙂 But good thinking!

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      oh yes, we should do it! you know how happy i am when i cook! we can try during the weekend!

      Mi piace


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