the #10daysOFbeauty challenge | day #4

it has been a really good day today. i’ve enjoyed all of it! hope you do it too!

coffee for two. coffee is already delicious by itself, but wen you're sharing it, than it's heaven! with @ziolerry
day#4 | #10dayOFbeauty challenge
making pizza...was really yummy!
day#4 | #10dayOFbeauty challenge



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  1. Pretty photos, they have a very abstract feel to me. Keep going with this challenge, it will really help you grow as a photographer!

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      thank you very much. i really am happy you are enjoying my challenge. it is difficult sometimes to see the many beautiful things of our busy lives. and you’re right it might be a way to improve my photography skills, that at the moment are pretty immature..! i really appreciated your comment!

      Mi piace


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