made me smile | ikea cardboard camera

ikea cardoboard camera

this made me smile this morning.

it`s been an `ikea week` in our house, with me and anna dragging poor mike to ikea and spending there a couple of lovely (for us!) hours to buy all the furniture we still needed for our new house. that leads to the fact that the next 2 or 3 evenings were spent in assempling the furniture.

therefore it really was fun to discover that ikea had just launched a cardboard camera… how fun would it be our evening there if we could also have taken pictures?!? well… for sure we would have one less friend now… thanks mike for helping us btw!

{ via inhabitat }


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  1. mala ha detto:

    I’ve told him already that he’s our hero. I don’t know why he has stopped replying to my text messages though… 😉
    We need that camera! Let’s ask him to go to IKEA again!

    Mi piace


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