the #10daysOFbeauty challenge | day #8 | beauty not found

couldn’t find any beauty today. feeling so sick of everything. hope it was only today and i will feel more positive torrow
1. sky installer came at 8.15 (?!?!?!) and wished us a wonderful day with his uncontrollable irish grumpiness
2. it has been raining all day. again. for the tenth day in a row. won’t blame england for anything anymore. feeling so sorry for it/them
3. went in zara for a minute and found only spring and summer colours when outside is november. couldn’t stand it. run out of the shop as quickly as i can
4. had to walk to uni. under the rain. of course. shoes and trousers wet. again. my rational brain keeps telling me “buy rain boots!”, my emotive brain shuts him up saying “it can’t rain forever”
5. no gym or running today. will blame english weather when it’ll be bikini time (when?!? when?!?)
6. boyfrind being so busy in his wonderfully sunny and warm country that didn`t have time to text me all day
this has been my pretty negative day. wish yours was better and have a lot of hopes for the weekend!

ciao, m.


2 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. Veronica ha detto:

    M don’t worry… Here is raining too!! Smile darling

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      vabbè se lo dici tu… però almeno fa caldo laggiù da voi no!? qui ci sono 9-10 gradi… non ce la posso fare con questo freddo a fine aprile. non ce la posso proprio fare!

      Mi piace


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