made me smile | moss graffiti by anna garforth

moss graffiti by anna garforth

i am currently in love with this moss graffiti. i think they give this ancient wall a very delicate charm. it may also be the chosen font and the contrast between the white of the wall and green of the moss.  anyway i think anna garforth did an amazing job.

 but it is not only art. this air moss-typography is a ‘mossenger’ for anna’s poetically green ideas. she in fact uses moss to spell out her environmental concerns with the hope of giving voice to the fragile environment.

anna attaches the alive moss to wall and other with biodegradable ingredients creating poetical and organic art installations, then she just waits for the moss to grow [finger crossed!].

i love this guerrilla art installation. i do really think art can help us focus on significant issues because of its visual approach. for me it just work like that: if i see something that touches my heart or my values then it will be really difficult for me to forget it, and i’ll probably take actions in that direction.

is it art the trigger for pro-environmental behaviours? i’ve already been asking myself this question. and the more i see the more my answer is positive.

hope you love it too.

xx, m.

{ via inhabitat }


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