speaking of… flowers we can eat [again]

the edible flowers guide
illustration by bess collard for pure green magazine

i told you it was all about eating flowers on the web this spring! and here again the pure green magazine has shared a new poster their illustrator bess collard has created to accompany their new column about candied edible flowers and edible flower bouquet by coriander girl [a nice and little flower shop! in canada, unfortunately!] on their new issues. 

you can get the poster from their online shop!

and check these too!

daisy lollipop by funkitime
{ via uh...lalà }

day are a dream enclosed in a sugar crystal…

xx, m.


2 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. mountainmae ha detto:

    Love love love the daisy lollipops!

    Mi piace


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