made me smile | a church covered in grass

Dilston Grove, the church-cum-art-gallery in Southwark Park, London
by artists heather ackroyd and dan harvey

this made me smile this morning.

a church completely covered, on the interior, in grass… how unusual is it? and how fun? the art installation is a work of the british artists heater ackroyd and dan harvey

dilston grove [previously know as clare college mission church] is an italian-style listed building that dates back to the 1900. converted in the Sixties into a series of artist studios, it is now a art gem in the south east of london.

the grass wallpaper is obtained by covering the interior walls with a mixture of seeds and clay. the artists painted the mixture over the wall, the balconies and the ceiling, helping nature finishing the work with fresh water and the natural light coming form be romantic windows. the result is a mix of beauty and decadence, melancholic atmosphere and natural romaticism.

{ via inhabitat }



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