made me smile | beer bottles used as bricks!

this made me smile this morning.

what about having a beer and then reusing the bottle to build your house?! well… you probably need to drink a LOT of beers, and this is not something we like to do [lol…!], but it is totally worth it! i am joking of course. i am not advising anyone to drink as much beers as you need to  build a house [that`s probably thousands] even though helped by friends. i am saying that if beer bottles were made into this shape we won`t need to stress about recycling them, because they will have a perfect reuse in building homes. in warm climate i`d say!

this is exactly the idea that the beer brewer heineken envisioned in 1963 and asked the dutch designer habraken to design “bricks that holds beer”, ahead of its ecodesign time. wobo was the name he gave to the bottles and the idea came him after a visit in the caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials. wobo became his vision to solve both the recycling and housing challenges that he had witnessed on the islands.

a production of wobo bottles was made in 1963 with 100.000 bottles, some of which were used to build a small shed in mr. heineken`s house in netherlands. the most difficult part was “to find a way in which corners and openings could be made without cutting bottles,” said mr. habraken. despite the success of the first pilot project, the heineken brewery didin`t support the wobo and the idea stalled. today, the shed at the heineken house and a wall made of wobo at the heineken museum in amsterdam are the only structures where the ‘beer brick’ was used.

anyway a fancy and innovative way of understanding the word REUSE. it would be nice to see more alike ideas too!

{ via inhabitat }


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