why the lights are on? automation vs individual control

  1. richbull
    @owlyross @SustainableDMU @snapey1979 Hi all, just checked & can confirm lights are now off. Thanks everyone. What shall we solve next?
  2. owlyross
    @SustainableDMU @richbull @snapey1979 Fantastic! Another bugbear is the boiling hot water from taps. Does it need to be so hot?
  3. snapey1979
    @owlyross @richbull @sustainabledmu Agree, but if it’s not under building users’ control it can’t be saved by individuals.
  4. SustainableDMU
    @richbull @snapey1979 @owlyross Those lights are controlled by time program which was over ridden. Now corrected so lights should be off now
  5. SustainableDMU
    @owlyross @richbull @snapey1979 A very good point especially with Jubille long weekend approaching
  6. owlyross
    @richbull @snapey1979 @sustainabledmu I was just thinking savings that could be made if HA wasn’t lit up like a Christmas tree every night
  7. richbull
    @snapey1979 @owlyross @sustainabledmu definitely none in #queens, lights are bems controlled, or not as the case may be!!
  8. owlyross
    @richbull @SustainableDMU I wondered why the lights in Hugh Aston are on at all hours. Have driven past at 11pm and they’re still on!
  9. richbull
    @SustainableDMU loving how cool the #queens building is on a hot day like today but any reason why the lights are on? http://pic.twitter.com/BeERaZme


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