it’s friday | have a wonderful weekend

so what are you up this weekend? in the uk is the queen jubilee and although i am not really sure what it means…[well unless that it is the 60th years of rein for queen elizabeth… but i always thought ‘jubilee’ was a term you only use in religion…] anyway i am gonna enjoy my long weekend [4 entire days…yeah!…still i’m planning to get some work done to…]!!

the weather doesn’t look really nice, so no countryside car travel probably, no picnic… but surely a lot of chatting, diy, watching movies and reading books in the house!

here some readings and inspirations for the weekend:

  1. creating a dress out of ikea bags
  2. tips to start the new week with the right feet
  3. an unusual bike storage 
  4. make this lovely puffy paint planters for your home
  5. treat yourself and your loved ones with these gourgeous fruit&yogurt popsicles

and don`t forget to switch off all you appliances in the office! it is gonna be a very long weekend therefore if you live your pc or your lights, printers, etc. on all this time…. well they`re gonna consume a LOT of energy! So help yourself [saving money…!] and help the environment!!

have a [more than] lovely weekend! ciao!




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