a sunday in… berlin

the street aesthetic of berlin by christian andersen

The Street Aesthetic of Berlin captures the culture and everyday life of native Berliners. The short-film tries to capture the special urban vibe Berlin have and visualize the aesthetic of Berlin’s street corners, parks, buildings and structure.

berlin is an amazing city. when i went there a few years ago a promise to myself that i would have come back in no more than 10 years to see how much it has changed. i think it is time to go. have you been to berlin recently? is it still a work in progress everywhere?

hope you are enjoying your sunday…



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  1. andBerlin ha detto:

    Berlin is definitely still a work in progress. You can’t go for a walk anywhere without seeing some building works going on. You will certainly see that a lot has changed when you come back – not all of it for the best unfortunately!

    Mi piace


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