it’s friday | have a great weekend

picture by david tsay via pinterest

i’ll probably be flying while you are seeing this. i am in fact going back home for a couple of weeks. i’ll be in rome presenting for a conference next week […so n e r v o u s…!!!] and it’s my first time i’m presenting to a big audience […!!!!….] in english […!!!!!!!!!!!!!….] therefore i had the brilliant idea of going to italy a little earlier and enjoying the week with my family and mi italian friends!

so obviously the plan for the weekend are more than is practically doable in 48 hours. i’d like to test my new bike and go to the beach. i want to go running when is not raining. i’d like to have some tasting real pizza al fresco in one of the wonderful squares in turin and look at the sunset along the river sipping a glass of white wine…. yes. i’m feeling fancy this weekend! and spoiled!

if you don’t know what to do this weekend. or if you are stack inside because it’s raining [eheh!] here some readings and inspirations:

  1. it’s cherry time, why don’t prepare cherry truffles?
  2. start planning a trip, what about tuscany?
  3. multitasking doesn’t exist. do you or don’t you agree?
  4. make it yourself a beautiful necklace
  5. or why not a polka dot rug?

have a [more than] nice weekend! ciao!




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