it’s friday | have a wonderful weekend

leaving for a road trip via joanna goddard on pinterest

yehi it`s friday! do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend? i don`t, but i am anyway happy it`s the end of the week because i have many things on my to do list that i ignored in the last weekends, because i was too busy having fun with this guy… anyway i`m in england this weekend and many friends are busy with holiday and winbledon and football [football !!!!! yehiiii !!!!]…

so i`ll probably have a quite weekend at home and i`ll try to get some work done [i am soo late with my methodology chapter…!], clean the house and do some cooking. now that chiara`s wedding is behind my back i can eat again….!!!! and i am trying to becoma almost a vegetarian and quitting coffee… it is harder than i thought… but i know i can do it!

here some readings and inspirations for the weekend:

  1. repurposing old tins [reuse reuse reuse]
  2. the best fries you`ll ever had [belgian style]
  3. how to eat spinach
  4. the dirty dozen

have a [more than] nice weekend! ciao!

where are you watching and supporting italy in the big final on sunday?!



2 commenti Aggiungi il tuo

  1. Muhammad Usman Mazhar ha detto:

    I am supporting Italy and will watch at home I guess 🙂

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      You’re the best!! :)))

      Mi piace


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