june 2012 | according to instagram

hello! how are you? how was the weekend? happy monday everyone. my weekend was pretty lazy, although i did get a lot of work done at home. but i have played the little mouse game again and barely went out for some shopping and running. and watching football. yes i know you don`t need to say anything, so embarassing…

i am feeling pretty guilty for my shopping because i was reading this article today about the fact that we now consider clothing a disposable good and instead of buying good, expensive clothes, we `save money` going to the cheap stores, with the counter action that clothes will last less longer and that we create a large amount of waste. i have to admit i see myself in the picture but never considered the problem form this point of view.

anyway, here there are the pictures i took in june. not too many, not too few… hope you enjoy them! have a nice afternoon.

xx, m.



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