second week | bordeaux the ocean the wine

after a week spent in the area of the loire we decided that it was enough of castles and we would have liked to see an other area. so we took the train to la rochelle and spent three days of relax in this seaside town. full of people and life we enjoyed our cycling, the ocean, and a little bit of night life too.
the weather wasn’t really right for swimming and sunbathing but we enjoyed the ocean watching at the kite-surfers.




after few days we moved to bordeaux and we arrived in this famous wine area. there was plenty of different things to do in this lively city
being all sunny and warm, the first day we wanted to put our feet in the sand so we headed to lacanau. and we finally get the chance to do a little of sunbathing and a nice ‘swim’ in the ocean



during the bike trip to lacanau we met a fun guy who told us that if we wanted to enjoy the bordelais wines we couldn’t miss a trip to saint emilion. we checked the route and find out it was ‘only’ 50 km away from bordeaux therefore we followed his suggestion. and he couldn’t be more right. saint emilion has the littlest, but most precious vineyards in all the region. and it is one of the prettiest little town and countryside we’ve seen in our holiday. so we enjoyed the wine (and cheese) tastings! regretting them for all the up and down the hills kilometres of the way back



the last day we only needed some relax so we wanderd about bordeaux city, enjoying its restaurants and museums






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