Climate Witness – WWF { The witnesses in the UK}

I`ve just discovered a serie of post on the WWF website about the Climate Witness. I think it is very interesting because often it is difficult to relate a abstract and distant concept like climate change with with real repercussions with our daily lives. Many are the stories told on the website; some of them come from distant countries, other from Europe and the UK [see the map].

What is also very interesting is that all Climate Witness stories are reviewed by a member of the Science Advisory Panel of WWF. This helps to ensure that all the collected stories are consistent with the latest science on human induced climate change.

So I am today sharing some of the stories from the UK. All their stories are really interesting and tell things that are easy to relate to.

Gregory Norminton. South East of England.

Ann Daniels.  South West of England.

Wyn Evans. Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

Alan Stewart. Argyll on the West coast of Scotland.

Neil Smith. Western highlands of Scotland.

I hope you enjoy them too! Let me know what you think!


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