The Story of Change | Why citizens (not shoppers) hold the key to a better world

Can shopping save the world? Well, of course not I’d say!                                                                  The Story of Change urges viewers to put down their credit cards and start exercising their citizen muscles to build a more sustainable, just  world.

[here you can find the annotated script of the short movie with references]

Some highlights from the short movie:

  1. I’ve read a lot of these: 100 Ways to Save the Planet Without Leaving Your House, 50 SimpleThings You Can do to Save the Earth, The Little Green Book of Shopping. I thought they might have the answers, but their tips all start here – with buying better stuff – and they all end here – with recycling all that stuff when I’m done with it. But when it comes to making change, this story of “going green” has some serious shortcomings.
  2. If we actually want to change the world, we can’t talk only about consumers voting with our dollars. Real change happens when citizens come together to demand rules that work.
  3. Millions of us already share a big idea for how things can be better. Instead of this dinosaur economy that focuses only on corporate profits – we want a new economy that puts safe products, happy people, and a healthy planet first. Duh, isn’t that what an economy should be for?

The answer to the issues of climate change in fact cannot only come from a more responsible way of ‘buying stuff’. It needs to be a deeper and more engaging process in which each one of us participate in solving the issues we care about. Moreover, it is important to have pro-environmental habits, but those habits alone won’t change the situation in which we are. We, as citizens, needs to ask for bigger changes from institutions and big companies, or we won’t achieve what we’re aiming for: a greener planet, a more sustainable economy.


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