Sustainabledmu week #2 | 8th – 14th of october 2012

Look what happened on @SustainableDMU Twitter account last week! We talked of many issues regarding climate change. We introduced the concept of impact of climate change, the idea that the changing climate can have affects an repercussions on our planet. And we talked about the impacts at a global and local level, sharing stories from WWF witnesses from the UK and from other countries. Then we also shared what are the forecast impacts on Leicester and the East Midlands in UK.

We also announced the arrive of our new Estate electrical van that will help DMU reduce its carbon emissions this year. And it has already been tested!!

Then our friend @Mitchley shared with us his brand new #DMU mug, with which he can now get all the coffee and tea he wants with a discount! #dmulugamug And we asked him to share with us his picture!!

Are you looking forward to a new #sustainabledmu week!? We are!!

  1. SustainableDMU
    Do you feel #climatechange is a distant issue? Read and listen to the climate witnesses in the UK
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 03:00:06
  2. SustainableDMU
    The new Estates electric van is here!! Helping to cut our costs and emissions 🙂
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 05:50:34
  3. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU taken the van out on a post run,strange with no engine noise but a great van.Look out students and staff – it is very quiet.
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 07:38:35
  4. SustainableDMU
    Sea-level rise:See the impacts and mitigation measures around the world. Venice in the list!
    Tue, Oct 09 2012 02:30:00
  5. SustainableDMU
    The impact of sea level rise. WWF – Climate Witness: Children of Holdibari: via @youtube
    Tue, Oct 09 2012 04:00:10
  6. SustainableDMU
    I’ve never seen so many bikes on campus; it’s great 🙂
    Tue, Oct 09 2012 03:22:12
  7. SustainableDMU
    Do you have a little spare time?The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between environmental and social issues
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 02:20:00
  8. Mitchley
    @SustainableDMU Pic duly sent!
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 02:23:31
  9. SustainableDMU
    Had a great meeting with Amy Morgan from Ramblers this morning. Looking to get some staff & students trained as walking guides ASAP
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 04:08:56
  10. SustainableDMU
    DMU staff & students please let us know if you’d be interested in being trained as a Walk Leader volunteer.
    Wed, Oct 10 2012 04:10:01
  11. SustainableDMU
    Changing the world through shopping?StoryofChange asks citizens to build a more sustainable,just world. @storyofstuff
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 03:34:40
  12. storyofstuff
    @SustainableDMU Onwards to a more sustainable and just world! Looking forward to building it together.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 14:04:06
  13. SustainableDMU
    Do you know that #climatechange is already having an impact on Leicestershire? Check the new blog post? #dmuCC
    Fri, Oct 12 2012 02:15:14
  14. SustainableDMU
    Would you like to do #GOOD for #DMU and the #environment?!When you leave the office or lecture today ensure your pc and lights are off!
    Fri, Oct 12 2012 07:45:53


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