The Idea Of A Tree | Amazing furniture that grows as trees

The Idea of a Tree from Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

The Idea Of A Tree is s a machine that “starts producing when the sun rises and stops when the sun settles down. After sunset, the finished object can be ‘harvested’“.

Created by the austrian-based studio mischer’traxler, composed of katharina mischer and thomas traxler, the idea of a tree shows that also objects can grow over the course of a day.

The machine is powered by NOTHING but SUNLIGHT. A couple of power cells power the entire device, causing the process to move faster or slower depending on the amount of available light. The speed of the process determine the thickness and the colour of the resulting furniture: the more the sun, the thicker and the paler the object will be. The dark thin parts indicate periods when there was little sun, while sections of thick layers and paler colors are a result of a lot of sun.

In the words of its creators:

A tree is a product of its specific time and place. It reacts and develops according to its surrounding and constantly records various environmental impacts in its growth process. Each single tree tells its own story of development. The goal of ‘the idea of a tree’- project was to bring the recording qualities of a tree and its dependence on natural cycles into products. It slowly grows the object, by pulling threads through a colouring device, a glue basin and finally winding them around a mould. The length/height of the resulting object depends on the sun/hours of the day. The thickness of the layer and the colour is depending on the amount of sun-energy. (more sun = thicker layer and paler colour; less sun=thinner layer and darker colour). This correlation between input and output makes the changes visual and readable.Each produced object represents one day at one spot where it was produced. 

The ‘bench tioat’ is one outcome of the ‘the idea of a tree’ project, which uses solar energy to translate the luminosity of the sun into one object a day.The bench is a souvenir of its day and place of creation. The thickness of the layer and its colour intesity refer directly to the sun. Dark and thin parts result from little sun, bright and thick areas result from lots of sun.

I personally think the concept is really amazing. If our personal objects can be a result of the activity of nature, why our lives are so disconnected with nature? Why don’t we look for methods to make our living as close as nature as possible?! Isn’t it the natural thing to do?

[via Treehugger and Designboom]



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