My carbon footprint | Actually not that good….!

I just calculated my carbon footprint with the WWF footprint calculator and this is the un-virtuous result…!!!!

I am not that proud of the result, but definitely committed to improve it!

It is surprising I have to work more on my home than on my travelling….! And also I have to do something to solve my shopping addiction [that is already getting better I must admit..].

Anyway the calculator is really fun, and it takes like 5 minutes to calculate it, so it’s totally manageable even on a busy schedule day. And at the end it gives A LOT of tips for reducing the footprint in all the mentioned area. So I will try to follow their instruction.

Although I think what makes my home so non-efficient is the fact that they consider comfort temperature between 15°C and 17°C…. And this does not really work for the mediterranean girl I am. If you consider our schools would close if the temperature in the classrooms were under 18°C…. So 18°C it’s the minimum for the law for me…! Anyway I’ll do my best!


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  1. mmmarzipan ha detto:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I must do this too!

    Mi piace

    1. Monica Pianosi ha detto:

      You’re very welcome! Thanks to you.
      Do the calculation, it’s really easy, but we’ll make you feel more conscious about your energy use and your consumption habits. Something that is not that easy to control without thinking!
      But calculating the carbon footprint is the first step. And we know the first step is probably the hardest one!

      Mi piace


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