Sustainabledmu week #3 | 15th – 20th of october 2012

Look what happened on @SustainableDMU Twitter account last week! We started approaching the issue of energy use, and in particular of electricity in DMU’s buildings. In addition, we tried to explain the links between our actions and the energy consumption that they cause.

We also had a very interesting conversation about the efficiency of the kettle and the constant hot boiler tap for making tea and coffee. We tried to explain it theoretically, but then one of our Twitter friends suggested to run an experiment using one week the Hot tap and the week later the Kettle. So we organised the competition that is going to start next week in the IESD department. Follow the #kettleVShotTap hashtag on Twitter for updates.

There also was an issue with lights left on in the Queens Building, that looks like they were only lighting some bricks… One of our friends pointed that out to the attention of SustainableDMU [that is, the sustainability team @DMU]. In this way the problem was reported to the DMU estate. The idea of opening a Twitter account is precisely to encourage a discussion about environmental issues at DMU; so if you notice anything you don’t know if it’s functioning in the right way, it is the perfect place to do it. In parallel with the traditional channels of course.

These the main topics of last week. I am waiting for you next week where we will be talking about the heating and air conditioning issue. Hope to hear from you! Have a good Sunday evening!


  1. SustainableDMU
    Stay tuned to discover what #DMU is already doing to cut its #electricity use and tell us what you think we could all do to make it better!
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 01:21:24
  2. SustainableDMU
    Unsure about where our energy come from? This video will give you some ideas!The story of energy. via @Life_squared
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 03:00:00
  3. SustainableDMU
    Unsure of what carbon footprint is?It estimates the impact an activity,product or person have on the environment.
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 03:35:00
  4. SustainableDMU
    Have you ever thought of calculating your #carbonfootprint? Here it is the link! #dmuCC #dmuemissions
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 03:40:00
  5. SustainableDMU
    RT @JMWilsonLane: Green Tip – driving under 15mph produces most Co2 so try to avoid rush hour where possible to avoid idling #environment #greentips
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 05:03:59
  6. SustainableDMU
    What DMU is doing to reduce #energy consumption?It adopted a new Energy Policy Did you know? #dmuemissions #dmuCC
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 05:35:01
  7. SustainableDMU
    What means saving #energy at #DMU?It is possible to save energy with the introduction of more efficient technologies
    Mon, Oct 15 2012 08:12:59
  8. SustainableDMU
    RT @NewbyCastleman: Every little helps – remember to claim extra 5p tax free per business mile if you travel with a colleague
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 02:56:54
  9. SustainableDMU
    What #DMU staff and students are doing to reduce #electricity #consumption. Can we do better? #dmuenergy #dmuCC
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 03:42:07
  10. SustainableDMU
    Lights left on overnight in office for a year use energy to heat a home for almost5months?You make the difference #DMU
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 04:01:25
  11. SustainableDMU
    RT @JMWilsonLane: #GreenTip if journey less than1mile walk,3 run,5 bike, 5 consider public transport benefits health and environment!Thanks!
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 04:03:00
  12. SustainableDMU
    #DMU has a list of Top10Tips for reducing #energy#consumption.Check them there!! Do you find them difficult to perform?
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 05:15:38
  13. SustainableDMU
    We opened on our Facebook account a discussion board where you can share your #Greentip! Wish to participate? #DMU RT
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 06:17:00
  14. SustainableDMU
    RT @c3iq: Glass cup? Paper cups are rubbish. We prefer glass cups too!You get to see what’s inside. Nice helmet btw!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 00:59:45
  15. simple_salmon
    @SustainableDMU how much better than a kettle are the constant water boilers that some buildings e.g. EMS have?
    Tue, Oct 16 2012 05:19:29
  16. This was the reply:

    @simple_salmon I had a chat with @IESD researchers yesterday and the question kettle vs constant hot water boiler is not so easy to solve.

    The problem is that it’s a mix of technological and behavioural evaluation that will lead to an answer. However, thanks to @kakuiyibo we had a clear explanation of the problem.

    The first reason a water boiler is more efficient is that it uses gas to heat up the water,and in England gas is cheaper than electricity.However,it all depends on the demand, that is the number of cups of tea your preparing each day.

    It is almost sure a boiler is not more efficient for a household,where the demands of cups of tea is quite low. In an office on the other hand the demand of cup of tea can be quite high,depending on the number of people,therefore making the boiler more convenient both from a financial and environmental point of view. You can have a look at this Moreover, people won’t have to wait for their water to be hot, and this can be in an office a strong motivation for the boiler too. Hope it was clear!

  17. simple_salmon
    @SustainableDMU could you explain it again? I’m kidding 🙂 that was great thanks.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:15:02
  18. c3iq
    @simple_salmon @SustainableDMU Watts meter and one week of kettle one week of boiler? or thermos?
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:42:32
  19. SustainableDMU
    @c3iq @simple_salmon It would be really nice to conduct an experiment!We need an office with at least 40cups of tea/day,that is 10/15people
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:48:40
  20. c3iq
    @SustainableDMU @simple_salmon ITMS 1.7 in Gateway maybe.
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:49:48
  21. SustainableDMU
    @c3iq @simple_salmon Ok we can try to ask them if they like to participate.We’ll also send a tweet to see if anyone else is happy to do it!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 03:12:32
  22. monica_archi
    It’s a nice and sunny morning in the office today. No need to switch on the light!! Wowoo!! @sustainabledmu
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:25:14
  23. GAIA_Active
    GAIA Sustainability Roundup – Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @CBI_CC @SustainableDMU
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 03:10:01
  24. Ansell_Art
    #dmu Uni buildings are boiling but its freezing outside , I feel the urge to strip down to me skivies when there’s such a difference
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 02:32:32
  25. SustainableDMU
    Hi @Ansell_Art sorry to hear it’s too warm..what lecture room were you? We’ll check the setting temperature and see if it’s too high
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 04:56:01
  26. SustainableDMU
    @Ansell_Art Btw, very responsible of you dressing in layers thinking about the weather! #GreenDMU
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 04:57:39
  27. Ansell_Art
    @SustainableDMU Well alright if you insit btw in answer to your actual question i was in the clephan staff room corridors on ground floor
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 07:37:21
  28. SustainableDMU
    @Ansell_Art I am sure you’ve been very popular with your theory..! We’ll check the thermostat in that area. Thank for raising the question!
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 10:29:18
  29. SustainableDMU
    Bede & New Wharf students. Interested in some social media training with free lunch and t-shirt? Check out the training
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 08:32:05
  30. SustainableDMU
    Social media training as part of #studentswitchoff project with @EcoPowerRanger A chance to boost your CV with key skills
    Wed, Oct 17 2012 08:34:21
  31. SustainableDMU
    Thanks @mikedcastle!! You are our 300th followers! We’re really happy of our new green friends! Have a good day all!
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 01:31:05
  32. davidnaylor
    I want a set of pedals under my desk hooked up to the lights… this possible?
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 01:32:00
  33. davidnaylor
    @SustainableDMU That does look nice – very tidy too. Home desk is more cluttered than office desk!
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 01:48:51
  34. SustainableDMU
    Isn’t it difficult to understand energy by time to time?This new post may be helpful! #dmuenergy #DMU
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 02:30:00
  35. snapey1979
    Lighting for bricks in Queen’s again. WTF *bangs head against brick wall* @SustainableDMU
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 02:50:15
  36. SustainableDMU
    @snapey1979 Thanks for highlighting this. Will look into it.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 02:55:59
  37. snapey1979
    @SustainableDMU no problem. Not your fault, just so, so hard to change and make it stick.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 02:57:46
  38. SustainableDMU
    @snapey1979 Lights are being worked on and should light up walkways so will get adjusted. The lights are controlled by presence detectors.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 05:09:27
  39. snapey1979
    @SustainableDMU Thanks, but light above door cannot light anything other than bricks (no adjustment in that axis). Wasn’t on yesterday…
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 05:51:44
  40. SustainableDMU
    @snapey1979 Lights will be adjusted shortly, thanks for raising this. If you spot anything else please do let us know. Thks again
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 06:55:32
  41. the_markness
    It’s amazing what they throw away in this place!
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 03:39:16
  42. c3iq
    @the_markness physical or metaphysical?
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 03:41:23
  43. the_markness
    @c3iq In this case physical tables. Is the metaphysical quantifiable? I’d be interested to see the charts.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 04:00:23
  44. SustainableDMU
    @c3iq @the_markness We have a furniture store for unwanted pieces of furniture that can be re-used by others at #DMU if in good condition.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 04:06:56
  45. the_markness
    @SustainableDMU @c3iq That’s precisely what I’m up to. One persons rubbish is another’s treasure and all that.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 04:22:52
  46. SustainableDMU
    Unsure of how much energy are you appliances at home using when in stand by?! I usually am but I found this
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 06:30:18
  47. ParenRaval
    @SustainableDMU We tend to switch off many devices when not in use now. Also really impressed with how little our server room consumes too.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 06:36:48
  48. SustainableDMU
    @ParenRaval This is really a good habit to have! Well done!
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 06:51:24
  49. SustainableDMU
    RT @monica_archi: The Idea of A Tree: a machine creates furniture using only solar power.Isn’t it amazing? @SustainableDMU @TreeHugger
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 05:49:47
  50. treehuggeruk
    RT @monica_archi: The Idea of A Tree: a machine creates furniture using only solar power.Isn’t it amazing? @SustainableDMU @TreeHugger
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 05:53:57
  51. DrSeaRotmann
    RT @monica_archi: The Idea of A Tree: a machine creates furniture using only solar power.Isn’t it amazing? @SustainableDMU @TreeHugger
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 09:15:55
  52. SustainableDMU
    Good morning @c3iq @simple_salmon! I have news regarding the kettle vs hot tap contest! @IESD is ready to start the experiment next week!
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:17:12
  53. SustainableDMU
    IESD had the metering system already set up, and they were waiting for the good opportunity to test it! @c3iq @simple_salmon
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:18:33
  54. c3iq
    @SustainableDMU Good stuff.
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:19:44
  55. SustainableDMU
    So next week they will start with using the hot tap! Stay tuned for the #kettleVShottap contest! @c3iq @simple_salmon
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:22:04
  56. snapey1979
    @SustainableDMU @c3iq @simple_salmon you should run a sweep stake 😉
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:29:04
  57. simple_salmon
    @SustainableDMU @c3iq @IESD Brilliant; great response to my query 🙂 Looking forward to the results.
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:34:48
  58. SustainableDMU
    @simple_salmon Yep! You started an epic battle!
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 03:39:57
  59. SustainableDMU
    Excited to start the #kettleVShotTap contest next week! @IESD Which is more efficient?! @dmuleicester @DMUVC #DMU
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 08:00:17
  60. SustainableDMU
    You can measure your Ecological Footprint on the #DMU and #WWF footprint calculator What’s your footprint in planets?
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 05:07:08
  61. davidnaylor
    @SustainableDMU Just a point re: the calculator – nowhere for under 17s – doesn’t take into account footprint of having young children.
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 05:16:57
  62. SustainableDMU
    @davidnaylor Check out the FAQs. Taken view that children under 17 aren’t responsible for their own footprint.
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 05:39:34
  63. davidnaylor
    @SustainableDMU That’s fair enough, I approached the calculator from a family perspective (2 adults & a 4 year old) all costs/usage
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 05:41:33
  64. SustainableDMU
    An other week went by, time for weekend! Have a good one! Remember to switch off computer,equipment & lights when you leave! #DMU #dmuenergy
    Fri, Oct 19 2012 09:46:34


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