The Kettle vs the Hot tap contest | Introducing the contenders | The Hot Tap

At the beginning of last week Ian Murdey  asked @SustainableDMU if when preparing tea and coffee it was more efficient [from a financial and  environmental point of view] to use the kettle or to use a constant hot water tap [from now on abbreviated as hot tap]. Because, the answer of our expert was not straight forward we decided to run a short experiment in the IESD department at DMU, to test the efficiency of the two systems. We will be using the Hot tap for a week and the kettle for the following one and we will measure the consumption.

So today I’d like to introduce you the first of the contenders: the Hot Tap!

Colloquially called Hot Tap, its real name is something like ‘drinking water boiler’. Here it’s it in all his splendor from the outside. Doesn’t it look like the shining knight for hot water?!

The Hot tap in IESD

This is only the actual ‘tap’, that is where water is distributed. But it has a hidden part, the one that boils water and that is hidden into a cupboard.

The boiling part

Boiling water temperature is adjustable. During installation, boiling temperature can be varied from 99°C to 68°C if a lower  temperature is preferred. The usual setting is at 98°C.

Automatically sleeps when unused. After two hours of non-use, Zip HydroTap powers down to maintain boiling water at 64°C.

Cuts down water wastage, too. Every drop of water is dispensed at the set temperature so there is no water wasted running a tap until the temperature is right.

Hot taps have also the possibility of furnishing chilled and sparkling water, but this is not the case of the one installed in IESD.

Regarding the energy efficiency the supplier’s brochure gives a lot of detail, but I prefer to see how our Hot tap will perform in the contest and then tell you the results.

Follow the contest! #kettleVShotTap on Twitter!

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