Using less energy for heating your office and home | What about human heat?

One way we can stop our planet from overheating is by underheating our homes and offices. Heating uses more energy and creates more CO2 than anything else we do. Therefore, if you’re cold, leave the radiators off and wrap up in a jumper – or better, you can use someone else heat…

Each of our body is the equivalent to a 100 Watt heater; so if we all use our natural inside heat and turn our heating down by just one degree, we all would save 6.7 million tonnes of CO2 each year (1) [btw, 6.7 million tonnes is the equivalent of the weight of approximately 42000 whales, as one whale weights 160 tonnes].

We would save the same amount of CO2 (6.7 million tonnes) if we would shut down 14 coal-fired power station for a month, and we would also save 716 million pounds on energy bills… Moreover, our bodies burn more calories when they are a bit cooler; and this will give you a nicer figure to show off in the warm weather. So I’d say that turning down your radiators’ temperature is a win win solution!


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