Sustainabledmu week #4 | 21st – 28th of october 2012

Look what happened on @SustainableDMU Twitter account last week! Continuing talking about of energy use, we addressed the issue of heating office spaces, and in particular at DMU. In addition, we tried to explain the links between our actions and the carbon emissions that they cause; a topic that will be further analysed in the next week!

  1. SustainableDMU
    Goodmorning #DMU!! How was your weekend? We are talking about gas and heating this week! #dmuenergy Wishing you all a nice #ecomonday!
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:00:04
  2. SustainableDMU
    Connect with us to discover what #DMU is already doing to cut its #gas use and tell us what you think we could all do to make it better!
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:01:00
  3. gemmadoy
    @SustainableDMU wish I had heating but the landlord wont fix it!
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:12:35
  4. SustainableDMU
    @gemmadoy Have you tried speaking to @demontfortsu they may be able to help you encourage your landlord to get it fixed
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:29:27
  5. gemmadoy
    @SustainableDMU yes we have thanks, they have been helpful 🙂
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:53:58
  6. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU We switched off many lights in faculties that had been left on when resetting after Open Day this morning.Very disappointing
    Sun, Oct 21 2012 12:17:07
  7. SustainableDMU
    @BeverleyLad That is disappointing. Will send reminders out today and then again before next open day. Thanks for letting us know.
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 01:57:52
  8. SustainableDMU
    We’re launching an #energy efficiency experiment @IESD! #kettleVShotTap @dmuleicester #DMU You’ll like it!
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 02:30:00
  9. SustainableDMU
    #DMU’s measures to cut gas consumption #dmuenergy #dmuCC What do you think of them?
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 06:00:08
  10. snapey1979
    @SustainableDMU Seems like a good start. I think the crucial thing is the temperature regulation, though – the control system.
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 06:07:25
  11. SustainableDMU
    #DMU #Greentip Dress for the weather!Wearing clothes matched to weather reduce heating levels in winter and reduce cooling levels in summer
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 08:00:15
  12. SustainableDMU
    #DMU #Greentip You can keep a warm sweater or scarf in the office to help you when your feeling cold
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 08:15:13
  13. SustainableDMU
    #DMU #Greentip Lowering temperature by just 1°C can reduce annual consumption by up to 8%,so reduce temperature to minimum comfortable level
    Mon, Oct 22 2012 08:30:07
  14. SustainableDMU
    Helping the #environment with your web search..very easy! a #ecofriendly browser via @youtube #DMU
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 03:00:00
  15. SustainableDMU
    #DMU #Greentip If it gets too hot in winter, don’t open a window, try turning down the temperature of the radiator instead where possible.
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 07:00:47
  16. SustainableDMU
    #DMU #Greentip This work well at home. Put aluminum foil behind radiators fitted to outside walls to stop heating escaping through the walls
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 07:30:47
  17. SustainableDMU
    Are you interested in making @dmuleicester a greener uni then why not take part in the fabulous #GreenImpact project
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 07:35:52
  18. SustainableDMU
    #GreenImpact is taking place in over 50 HEIs & FEIs and @dmuleicester is taking part to make our uni even greener
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 07:40:56
  19. SustainableDMU
    Top team in #greenimpact last year was @LibraryDMU Can you match their green credentials this year?
    Tue, Oct 23 2012 07:53:28
  20. SustainableDMU
    Spotted these #Fairtrade @neroandbianco chocs on #DMU campus today and they are SO good. Going back for more shortly!
    Wed, Oct 24 2012 04:36:23
  21. SustainableDMU
    Feeling playful?Check Fb page & guess what’s in the pic!A #fairtrade chocolate bar 4 #DMU lucky winner! #DMUpicContest
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:00:04
  22. SustainableDMU
    RU attending #criticalmass on Friday? Monster Mash 3. Send us the best photos from the night and we’ll retweet them.!/leicester.criticalmass?fref=ts
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 02:28:46
  23. SustainableDMU
    Speaking of carbon footprint | What’s the carbon footprint of … email? via @guardian
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 06:00:06
  24. SustainableDMU
    Speaking of carbon footprint | What’s the carbon footprint of … the internet? via @guardian
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 06:30:08
  25. SustainableDMU
    Suggested movie for tonight: The Human Footprint,a documentary telling what people use and leave behind in a lifetime.
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 08:30:01
  26. SustainableDMU
    We have been speaking of carbon footprint today. Would you like to know the carbon footprint of…..Santa?!?
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 09:00:06
  27. owlyross
    @sustainabledmu shouldn’t that be carbon hoofprint?
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 09:46:38
  28. RichardMcLellan
    Love this! MT @monica_archi RT @SustainableDMU: speaking of carbon footprint.The carbon footprint of…..Santa?!?
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 11:45:20
  29. xyyzzzzz
    @SustainableDMU hello, i just read about ‘GREEN IMPACT AND STUDENT ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITOR OPPORTUNITIES’ and was wondering (cont)
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 12:25:50
  30. xyyzzzzz
    @SustainableDMU what day would training be? is that separate to the 30th nov event? and how do i sign up?
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 12:27:07
  31. SustainableDMU
    @xyyzzzzz glad to hear your interested in the Green Impact auditing. Drop us an email so we have your details 1/2
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:15:22
  32. SustainableDMU
    @xyyzzzzz We can let you have all the details and dates etc in one go and provide some background to #greenimpact at #DMU 2/2
    Thu, Oct 25 2012 13:16:15
  33. SustainableDMU
    Looking forward to meeting @NUS_Greener this morning and chatting about all things #greenimpact
    Fri, Oct 26 2012 01:39:48
  34. SustainableDMU
    Hope u learnt something new about heating at #DMU.Is there anything you’ve always been wondering?We’d be happy to answer your questions!
    Fri, Oct 26 2012 08:30:45
  35. SustainableDMU
    Next week we’d like to talk about #sustainable food. Is there anything you’d like to hear?Any interesting topics for discussion? #DMU
    Fri, Oct 26 2012 08:35:44
  36. SustainableDMU
    Have a wonderful #weekend!!Before you leave switch everything off!!!PCs,lights,printers,coffee machines,water boilers..what else!?Have fun!!
    Fri, Oct 26 2012 08:45:44

I hope you liked our posts this week and you had also some fun reading them! Hope to see you commenting sooner or later! I’ll be talking of sustainable food next week. Hopefully this will give you some interesting advice on how to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday lives. I discovered many things I didn’t know preparing the posts for you! Have a good sunday evening. Talk to you tomorrow!



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