The Kettle vs the Hot tap contest | Introducing the contenders | The Kettle

Two weeks ago, following a conversation on Twitter, we decided to launch a little LivingLab experiment in the IESD department at DMU, to test the different efficiency of using the kettle or the constant hot water boiler for preparing tea and coffee in the office. The question was to identify which factors determine the efficiency of the two systems, and which one was preferable. [here you can have a look at the whole conversation]

So today I’d like to introduce you the second of the contenders: the Kettle!

The kettle in IESD | Not different at all from the usual kettle

The kettle is powered by electricity and constructed of durable plastic. Once the water has reached boiling, the kettle automatically deactivates to prevent the water boiling away and damaging the heating element.

When the kettle is warming up water it uses quite a lot of energy, something like 2000 W. A lot if we consider that the energy used by the kettle to boil 1 cup of water is the same that power our average PC on for about an hour.

What can I tell you about the kettle that you already didn’t know?! Nothing probably, we are all experts in kettles, especially by experience…!

And you all need the rule ‘Don’t overfill your kettle‘, don’t you? I don’t need to repeat it I am very sure! [btw, how many of you are careful in how much water they put in their kettle..!?]

Follow the contest! #kettleVShotTap on Twitter!

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