Beyoncé Single Ladies turned into ClimateChange

I found this hilarious video on Twitter this morning. And I’ve already shared there and on Facebook but I have to post it here too. You can’t miss hit.

It’s a song about climate change on the notes of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. And it’s amazing! Really it’s so funny!!

Anyway the reason they made the video is absolutely serious. Generation Zer0 is trying to stop the New Zealand Government to put climate change to a coma. In their words:

New Zealanders want to move towards a low carbon future, and our Government tells us the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is our main mechanism to achieve that. 
But the current Government’s extreme plans for the ETS will make our “main mechanism” to combat climate change so weak, that it will become completely ineffective. 
The ETS needs major surgery to restore it to health – but there’s one critical, common sense step we must take now: putting a cap on it, by limiting the use of foreign carbon credits. 
Without a cap on the ETS – action on climate change in NZ will be as good as dead. 
UnitedFuture’s Peter Dunne holds the critical swing vote and has the power to stop the Government abandoning climate change action. 
Let’s send him a message so strong he can’t ignore it: if he likes the ETS, then he better put a cap on it.
Find out more and take action at

I just love them! Hope you find it funny too!



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