Finding sustainable food @DMU

So now we have been talking a lot about sustainable food in general this week [or better you’ve read me blabbing about it]. And we all know the basic rules now. Eat local and seasonal food. Possibly organic and Fairtrade. As much vegetaria as you can. If you have to eat meat or fish, make sure it has been sustainably sourced.

Great! But then… isn’t it difficult to take into account all this thing when you need to go for lunch? And how can you find a sustainable breakfast and lunch or just a snack at DMU?

The most sustainable possibility you have probably is to prepare your own lunch… Maybe with some leftovers from the previous day dinner; or with a quick assembled sandwich before running out in the morning. But if you are in a rush, or you like to enjoy something warm, the possibility in the university are many.

To begin with, all coffee and tea served in DMU coffee shops are Fairtrade. Although I am not 100% persuaded about the sustainability of big companies such as Starbuck, at least the coffee and tea they serve is Fairtrade. [what do you think about this? Would like to read some more? 1. 2. 3. 4.]

Maybe you’d rather prefer the Coffee Lab [in Fletcher Building], which serves a large range of Fairtrade products [at fairtrade price, they like to say!]. And which offers free coffee ground for compost!

By the way, if you like your coffee or tea to be freshly brewed and also like the idea of saving some money [who doesn’t?] you can bring your own mug in the coffee shops [being it a travel mug, or just the usual one] and you’ll get a 10p discount on your coffee! The scheme is called lug-a-mug and probably you’ve already heard of it…! Anyway, it’s a great way of saving your money and don’t produce useless waste!

Moreover, Fairtrade foods are served at all meetings hosted by the university or college and the Student Union, and are served in all university or college and Student Union management offices.

Most of the milk used in the coffee shop is organic. [why is particularly important to drink organic milk, and therefore organic cheese and yogurt…? you may want to read this]

All the fish and the seafood used in DMU’s outlets is seasonal where possible and they avoid fish on the MSC red list. So we can happily enjoy our fish and chips and our jacket potatoes with tuna!

All the egg used are free range.

A very good thing in my opinion is that the food is served on reusable kitchenware, so there’s no container waste.

This is everything I could find. And it’s not really a lot. Probably many improvements can be made. For example why there isn’t the possibility of finding anything organic, at least some sandwiches? Or why the choice of vegetables are limited to potatoes and salad (most of the times with mayonnaise…)? And an other question I’ve been asking is, where do the leftovers go?

Have I forget something? Do you see any improvements that can be made to DMU food outlets? Please let me know. We can make our voices to be heard!



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