Some inspiration to participate in @SustainableDMU photo-competition

Following the success of last week photo competition on SustainableDMU Facebook page [where people had to guess a ‘mysterious’ material that our friend Ollie was holding in his hands] we thought to continue with the photo-competition, but to make this week one a little bit tougher. Because we have been talking about the sustainability of food all the week, we well though to invite all students and staff to challenge yourselves in the kitchen and share the most sustainable meal they’ve prepared!

Few are the rules for the competition: the meal has to be homemade and you have to use at least one sustainable ingredient (local, or seasonal, or organic, or fair-trade) or you can  prepared a vegetarian dish. Here I am giving you just a little inspiration!

Have fun!!

Pumpkin and rice soup


The pumpkin is in season, you may try to find it local. And the recipe is vegetarian!

Clams in a light fennel and shallot broth


Clams are in season [do you like them? do you like seafood?], shallot too. And no meat!

The best chocolate chunk cookies with muscovado sugar and fleur de sel


If you use fairtrade chocolate, fairtrade muscovado sugar, and replace fleur de sel [that is produced in the south of France] with Cornwall salt, than you’ll have just the Perfect Cookies! And everybody is gonna LOVE them!

Fennel mushrooms


Do you like fennel? Have you ever tried it? It’s not something that I easily find in the UK, but I like it very much. Such a sweet and watery flavour! Anyway mushrooms are in season and watercress too!

Gluten and Dairy Free Beet and Poppy Seed Muffins


Beetroot are in season and how funny is the idea of using it to make red muffins? Red muffin without using edible colouring?! Amazing ah?

Winter pasta with kale pesto


Kale is in season and of course the recipe is vegetarian.

Lemon and herb hummus


It’s a vegetarian recipe, well actually a vegan one. It’s made with beans that are incredibly healthy. And what about making your own, instead of buying the processed, over packaged, and over transported one? Choose organic chickpeas and you’ll master it!



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