A rickshaw re-edition! The cycling bus | An electric bus moved by its passengers

Bicycles are the ideal form of transportation especially for big cities where usually it is difficult to find a car parking and for all the pollution bicycles can save. And then let’s say it… bicycle are more fun!

Project Cycling Bus is a concept by Rever Design Studio for a cycling double decker bus. On the second level, there are around 30 cycling passegers to generate the power for the electric bus. The lower level is for passive passengers and the bus driver. The cycling bus also have a back room for more than 30 folding or non-folding bicycles. According to the concept, cyclists can go on this bus for free. And those who do not wish to pedal, will go on the ground floor and pay for their journey.

How the rickshaw bus works
Bus Homo-electric
The rechargeable batteries are powered by the kinetics energy of the passengers.
The bus promotes health, socialisation, and the environment

I am not sure that this could actually work. Is the electricity generated by 30 cyclists enough to move a double decker bus, plus the passengers on the ground floor and the bikes? And what does it happen when not all the 30 sits upstairs are full? What if there are only 10 or 5 passengers cycling? Will the bus move anyway?

Anyone of you have an idea on how to make the estimation? Help wanted and needed!!!

[via inhabitat



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