#DMUbikeTag | A little thank you for our cyclists

I am not sure you’re aware of what was going on yesterday at DMU… A very sweet thing! And I am not saying this because I’ve organised it…!

Anyway I thought it was time to thank DMU’s cyclist for being responsible and thinking about the environment. So I went around the university putting little [partially handmade] tags. 

And we also offered Fairtrade chocolate to our cyclists!! We asked them to contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or email for the less social media ones. And we asked to tell us what motivates them to cycle to uni.

While I was distributing them I already had some encouraging comments of a guy who was really excited by the thing and said it was a great and cool idea! We had many messages and discovered that people cycle to DMU for many different reasons.

The most mentioned motivation for cycling was that it was quicker than walking or coming by car and have to juggle the traffic and then park. The second was that it helped them keeping fit and have a little exercise. Very mentioned was also the fact that cycling was a lot less expensive than the driving, therefore helped in the monthly budget. Last, but no least, our green warriors were concerned about their impact on the environment and therefore were doing their bit to help the planet!

  • #1 Fast
  • #2 Keep you fit / Exercise
  • #3 Save money
  • #4 It’s good for the environment

If you found a tag on your bike and didn’t get the chance to send us a message you can still do it! We have some more chocolate to distribute…! You can find us on Twitter @SustainableDMU, on Facebook, and via email sustainability@dmu.ac.uk. Of course, you need to be a student or staff at DMU…. and got the tag yesterday! Sorry!

Btw, the tags were made with recycled paper and asked gently not to litter them. And I haven’t seen a single tags on the ground when I was going home in the evening! Was really proud of our cyclists!!

I borrowed the idea from Hong Yi, a Melbourne based architect who did a guerrilla thank you notes art attack to cyclers. I liked the idea so much that couldn’t wait to do it myself 


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