Sustainabledmu week #6 | 5th – 11th of november 2012

  1. SustainableDMU
    Goodmorning #DMU!How was your weekend?Have u been to the bonfire?Fresh&ready 4 a new week?I need coffee to start mine…Talk to u in a bit!
  2. SustainableDMU
    RT @DAWilliams15: Great picture! #iphoneography #lomo #photography #uni #autumn #sunlight
  3. SustainableDMU
    Here I am, fueled with caffeine! This week we will be talking in particular of #transport. How do you get from home to #DMU? #dmutransport
  4. ParenRaval
    @SustainableDMU Car 😦 But to drive and park in staff car park is cheaper than public transport. Looking into hybrid/electric options.
  5. SustainableDMU
    @ParenRaval Is it? You’re probably not the only one.Would u use public transport if cheaper? Electric sounds good, ever tried to lift share?
  6. ParenRaval
    @SustainableDMU I used to use public transport all the time. Ticket prices constantly going up and substandard services lead me to using car
  7. ParenRaval
    @SustainableDMU And yes, lift share is something I’m researching into 🙂
  8. lillywobbles
    @SustainableDMU Electric bike or a lift from the other half
  9. SustainableDMU
    @lillywobbles Well done, you’re thinking green!
  10. simple_salmon
    @SustainableDMU @monica_archi a beautiful run in to DMU this am; I love it when it’s like this, makes coming to work a pleasure 🙂
  11. richbull
    @simple_salmon @SustainableDMU @monica_archi bit far to run from Nottingham sadly, have to make do with @EMTrains & @NCT_Buses
  12. SustainableDMU
    So nice to see many staff choosing #environment-friendly transport!How long does it take u to come to #DMU?What is your favourite comm mean?
  13. SustainableDMU
    Btw,what about the idea of #MeatFreeMonday @dmuleicester? Who’s doing it with us? What was your breakfast? What will u have for lunch?
  14. owlyross
    @SustainableDMU I’m as meat free as possible with granola for brekkie and veggie pasta for lunch. Meaty dinner already planned unfortunately
  15. SustainableDMU
    @owlyross 2of3 veg meals is good.Do u plan meals in advance?Such a great habit!Maybe next Monday can be completely #MeatFree?
  16. owlyross
    @SustainableDMU Try to, though a lot of the time grabbing lunch on the hop. Meaty dinners are to sate the cravings of pregnant partner!
  17. SustainableDMU
    @owlyross Ok, then it’s a health necessity! Keep up with the good 2 of 3 meals job!
  18. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU I know you do a great deal for cycling,wouldn’t it be wonderful if Leicester was like Berlin!!
  19. SustainableDMU
    @BeverleyLad Oh yes we’d love a cycling Leicester! And they don’t wear helmets?!Do you think drivers can be as tolerant as Berliners?
  20. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU If you get more drivers to become cyclists,they then become more tolerant and aware of other road users.
  21. SustainableDMU
    What’s your favourite activity while commuting?Research says 80% read, 28 work, 20 sleep & 11 talk. Is #DMU in line with UK?
  22. owlyross
    @SustainableDMU Reading. Or listening to music. Often both. Currently re-reading The Hobbit for the 700th time.
  23. SustainableDMU
    @owlyross I suppose you’re not coming to #DMU by car… I read The Hobbit a long time ago! Liked it more than Lord of the Rings…
  24. owlyross
    @SustainableDMU No, on the bus, unless I’m lift-sharing with the other half. Tolkien is Hobbit-forming (sorry), and I prefer LOTR
  25. SustainableDMU
    RT @davidnaylor: Anyone who wonders what us cyclists have to put up with every morning should look at the @CycleHatred feed. This is the Top Gear culture.
  26. SustainableDMU
    @davidnaylor The @CycleHatred feed are scaring! So much hatred for cyclists on our streets?!
  27. davidnaylor
    @SustainableDMU @CycleHatred Not to mention plenty of “Pay your road tax” comments…which is almost meme like in its rhetoric.
  28. SustainableDMU
    @davidnaylor @CycleHatred ignore them. Life is too short to get stressed by people who don’t like you.
  29. BeverleyLad
    @davidnaylor @SustainableDMU Cannot believe that such a vile and nasty site exists on Twitter.
  30. davidnaylor
    @BeverleyLad @SustainableDMU It’s a cycling enthusiast who retweets abuse/positive comments with the word cyclist in
  31. SustainableDMU
    @BeverleyLad @davidnaylor Cannot believe so many anti-cyclists exist! Better….prefer not to believe. The account is doing a good job
  32. davidnaylor
    @SustainableDMU @BeverleyLad Occasionally retweets have been of people who should be more accountable for their words – have contaced these
  33. owlyross
    @davidnaylor @SustainableDMU @BeverleyLad The labour councillor on there is a case in point
  34. davidnaylor
    @owlyross @SustainableDMU @BeverleyLad Indeed – and a few weeks ago a local paper who didn’t fact check an “opinion” piece before publishing
  35. SustainableDMU
    DMU’s new cycle workstand available to use by anyone with access to the Main Cycle Shed.
  36. SustainableDMU
    RT @monica_archi: QueensBuilding:door always open.Can u close it if u find open? @SustainableDMU #dmu
  37. SustainableDMU
    @jamhead91 Hi James, please email with details including room number etc and we’ll get back to you
  38. ZoeBates
    @jamhead91 @SustainableDMU It’s really odd in Gateway, 3rd floor is really cold, 4th is hot, and 5th is boiling!!
  39. SustainableDMU
    @ZoeBates @jamhead91 Thanks Zoe, James, we’re looking into it
  40. SustainableDMU
    @jamhead91 @ZoeBates James, apologies thought you were staff member~different procedure for student issues.Will raise the ticket for you.
  41. SustainableDMU
    @jamhead91 @ZoeBates Have made some temp changes to heating settings. Let us know if any different tomorrow. Thks
  42. SustainableDMU
    Good morning #DMU! What would motivate you more to cycle, walk, litfshare or use public transport to come to DMU? What DMU can do for u?
  43. SustainableDMU
    @happy_me Hi Matthew! Thank you for the follow and for your message! Bikes are really convenient when you’re in a rush.
  44. benpendery
    | Faster, Cheaper and Excercise. @sustainableDMU #DMUbiketag
  45. fingalm
    @sustainableDMU #DMUbiketag I cycle for fitness and to keep an expensive to run car off the road.
  46. SustainableDMU
    RT @fingalm: @sustainableDMU #DMUbiketag I cycle for fitness and to keep an expensive to run car off the road.
  47. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU This is what can happen to you when you have blocked cycle lanes
    I know – very extreme.
  48. SustainableDMU
    What do u think of flying? Love it? Don’t like it but have to do it anyway? How often do you fly? #DMU #dmutransport
  49. BeverleyLad
    @SustainableDMU looks great,as long as it doesn’t become a smoking shed!!
  50. SustainableDMU
    It’s Friday! Friday…what I wanted to say? Uh yes! Have a great week end! Can you switch everything, from the plug, off before leaving?


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