Sustainable Water | The story of bottled water @storyofstuff

“The Story of Bottled Water, employs the Story of Stuff style [do you remember this?] to tell the story of manufactured demand: how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces.”

The video try to find an answer to the following questions for the States.

  • Is Bottled Water Cleaner?
  • Is Bottled Water Tastier?
  • Is Bottled Tap Different Than Plain Tap?
  • What’s the Energy Footprint of Water Bottles?
  • Water Is A Right, Isn’t it?

Btw, which one do you prefer? Do you usually buy bottled water or try to remember to bring a refillable bottle with you? Or maybe buy them by time to time and then refill many times?


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